A significant portion of Dayton Superior's product portfolio is made in the USA.
Please click the links below for a list of the Made in the USA products for Accessories and Chemicals.

1. Supports manufacturing jobs in the USA
Increased investment in manufacturing sector growth
Increased demand for USA manufacturing jobs

2. Worker safety is a high priority
Supports effective labor laws in place to protect American workers
Ensures safe working conditions within the USA
Reinforces the priority the USA places on worker safety
Does not condone the use of child labor

3. Made in the USA means quality
Sometimes, buying inexpensive foreign-made products comes at the price of sacrificing quality
USA regulations mean cleaner manufacturing and higher product safety standards
US manufacturers have greater quality control and testing standards in place than most foreign manufacturers.

4. Lessens the impact of trade wars and increasing tariffs
Minimizes the country’s dependence on foreign goods
Decreases foreign borrowing
Contributes to the reduction of the USA trade deficit